MOREROOM Global Headquarters - ART·S RED HALL Grand Opening Event Unveiling Successful!

Seizing the Moment: On October 15th, the grand unveiling ceremony of the "Red in Times" themed Stone Museum and the initiation of the MOREROOM Sintered Stone Global Headquarters took place at the prestigious A3 building of Foshan Ceramics International Trading Center. The event was a resounding success, drawing significant attention from local governments, association leaders, and industry professionals in both Foshan and Yunfu. Hundreds of distributors and over 30 mainstream media representatives gathered to witness the unveiling of the stone museum - ART·S RED HALL, and the opulent display of luxury in stone art, collectively exploring the future trends of the Chinese natural stone and sintered stone industry.

At the ceremony, Mr. Chen Xiaodong, the Managing Director of MOREROOM Enterprises, took the stage to deliver a speech. He highlighted that the establishment of this Art Red Pavilion is a breakthrough and innovation in the era of internal circulation, achieving a clever integration of "Natural Stone + Sintered Stone + Art Design" across three domains. The Art·S Red Hall symbolizes MOREROOM's commitment to its partners and stands as a significant and meaningful event in the industry, contributing to the promotion of platform-based development. It aims to elevate Foshan's manufacturing industry and cultivate a blooming landscape of design in Foshan and across China. Mr. Chen affirmed that MOREROOM Enterprises is determined to be extraordinary and to create something extraordinary!

Secretary-General Gong Wei of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association also addressed the audience. He acknowledged the positive significance of MOREROOM's theme, "Red in Times," in the current context of the Chinese ceramic industry. Facing unprecedented challenges since the new century, the ceramic industry represents courage, symbolizing the spirit of confronting market challenges. Secretary-General Gong emphasized the need to be grateful for the opportunities bestowed by the era and commended enterprises that focus on niche tracks, bringing new opportunities to the industry. MOREROOM's focus on "Natural Stone + Sintered Stone," infused with aesthetic space, represents a new attempt and exploration, providing a new direction for designers, dealers, and consumers.

Chairman Chen Siyang, the 14th National People's Congress Representative, Standing Committee Member of the 7th Yunfu City CPPCC, Chairman of Yunfu Stone Industry Association, and General Manager of Yunfu Kote Machinery Co., Ltd., also addressed the audience. Chairman Chen highlighted the enormous challenges currently faced by the stone and ceramic industries, urging enterprises to explore new paths for development. He commended Yunfu's efforts in innovation and creative breakthroughs in the process of development, especially in the areas of industrial internet and digital transformation. The completion of the Art·S Red Hall, integrating "Natural Stone + Sintered + Art Design" for the first time, fully embodies the aesthetics of stone and sets a model for the development between the two cities and industries, bridging Yunfu and Foshan and facilitating exchanges between the two cities to promote new industrial development.

Secretary-General Yin Hong of the Foshan Ceramic Industry Association also took the stage to deliver a speech. He expressed that new things will bring about change and development through creation. The completion of the Art·S Red Hall signifies innovation and development in the collaboration between the stone and ceramic industries, complementing each other and opening up new avenues. Enterprises need to insightfully observe new things, leverage societal opportunities for win-win cooperation, and inject new dynamics into business development.

Vice Chairman of Yunfu Stone Industry Association and Chairman of Yunfu Stone Sea International, Mr. Ye Wenyu, addressed the audience, stating that the collaboration with Monno will create a shared future, focusing on the new track of "Natural Stone + Sintered Stone." This collaboration concentrates on the fusion of technological aesthetics and explores new possibilities in design. The harmony between natural stone and sintered stone, from competition to integration, represents a pioneering breakthrough for the industry, marking a new starting point for the development of multiple brands and products in the future.

Vice President of Ceramics International and Chief Curator of Guantian Art + Village, Ms. Lin Ying, also spoke on stage. Ms. Lin described MOREROOM as a company that gathers "high value, high aesthetics, and high brand essence." The completion of the MOREROOM brand in the Art·S Red Hall not only capitalizes on the resources in the natural stone and sintered stone industry but also showcases innovative development in the artistic space. She emphasized that the Art Red Pavilion is an application space platform centered around artistic tiles and materials, showcasing various distinctive "bricks" at Ceramics International. There is a need to deepen the development of artistic and cultural spaces, continuously attracting talent to Ceramics International and bringing resources together. This will stimulate and develop more creative enterprises, influential brands, products, and even entrepreneurs and artists, allowing them to step out and become pioneers in the trend!

The grand opening of the MOREROOM Sintered Stone Global Headquarters also garnered high attention from numerous overseas MOREROOM agents. They expressed their deep sentiments and hopes for future collaboration with the MOREROOM brand, injecting new energy. Together, they will embark on a new journey with goals set high and responsibilities on their shoulders, knowing that a small spark can ignite a great fire. The trust of the market and customers in the MOREROOM brand is a testament to the enduring confidence in MOREROOM's corporate culture. As expressed by overseas agents during their heartfelt speeches, they hope that MOREROOM's products, characterized by "high aesthetics, high value, and high quality," will radiate across the world!

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