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Moreroom now has a daily production capacity of 80,000 square meters, multi-specification, and multi-thickness production and supply strength. Looking at the global strategic vision, Moreroom continues to pay attention to and research the latest technology and advanced technology in the slate industry. Through its own production and supply Ability to continuously provide high-quality slate for global customers, and is committed to becoming the most professional slate manufacturer in China and even the world.


High-quality slate is inseparable from top production and research and development equipment, high-quality glazes, standardized production processes and strict adherence to technical parameter values. From the monitoring of the production process to the delivery of finished products, all the control points of man, machine, material and law are strictly controlled by batch, data and standardization to ensure the long-term stability of product quality.


Adhere to the use of natural raw materials to ensure the quality of the embryo and provide consumers with natural, healthy, environmentally friendly, methanol-free slate. We can proudly say that we only use 6% synthetic materials of Glass, enamels, pigments, adhesives and fibres, etc, i.e. 94% of our products are made of pure natural materials, which is also the basis for our claim to be environmentally friendly products


Moreroom is not only a manufacturer of high-quality slate, but also your exclusive designer. In order to achieve the smooth, bright and delicate colors, we select high-quality inks, European original glazes, and under the world's largest and most stable inkjet machine, each piece of Moreroom slate has a delicate and bright color.

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