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architectural spaces , like sculptures , are thread dimensionali . in both cases , in ordange position a number of timesas it is impossible to see the whole of a building simultaneously . including all of the interior and exterior.we rely on our memory toeconstruct a complete image using the different perspectives we have recordedconsequently , the interaction between inside and outside and between two - and three mansion a su races becomes the key tounderstanding the entire structure .

this is where the possibilities of using ceramic material both for interiors and exteriors of the building . for clade ings and fat surfaces and onvolumes , makes it particularly suitable for a wide range of design purposeson the other hand . the different finishes a no colours also permit designs with strong contrasts on with tone in ione shades the marbleeffect , for example .

can be boldly combined wth oxidized metal finishes or in a more classic style with neutral surfaces an black andwhite backgroundsin the discussion concerning architectural design therefore the role of surfaces is a crucial element . playing a decisive role in how theobserver percerves the whole and the component parts .

the result is a special bond between cotto d este ana the world of design , positive interaction where the innovation of one corresponds to theevolution in the modus operandi of the other .

The highly noted favourable feature of Sintered stone is its poor porosity: this makes it resistant to staining and easy to clean and maintain.

Aesthetically, Sintered stone is in line with marble: thanks to current technological developments, it is possible to obtain high-quality results that reinterpret the more complex veins of rare and sought-after marbles and guarantee better tone stability. One can create magnificent floors with marble effect mirror-polished Sintered stone, providing elegance and brightness to any room.

The lightness of Sintered stone also facilitates its processing and cutting and installation. Finally, choosing Sintered stone over marble turns out to be a more ecological solution: the Sintered stone has a more sustainable life cycle than its "natural equivalent".




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