Grand Opening of MOREROOM Showroom: A Fusion of Natural Stone and Sintered Stone

Leaders and guests held golden scissors, cutting through colorful ribbons, symbolizing the opening of a golden path, and bringing prosperity and wealth. Accompanied by the sound of festive cannons, guests expressed their blessings for the MOREROOM Stone Museum and Sintered Stone global headquarters!

As fireworks lit up the sky, ideals touched down. As the first luxury stone museum and global headquarters of MOREROOM in Foshan, the synergy between the museum and showroom marked a new chapter in the fusion development of "Luxury Stone + Sintered Stone."

The upgraded MOREROOM global headquarters showroom covers a total area of over 12,000 square meters (with the first-floor exhibition hall alone reaching 4,000 square meters). It integrates design, materials, and art, presenting a visually stunning and high-value luxury aesthetic feast.

The showroom perfectly interprets the core values of "Italian Aesthetics & Absolute High-End." The overall style follows the classic Italian natural aesthetic. The spatial design adopts famous Italian architectural techniques and deeply incorporates European architectural historical aesthetics and brand elements, echoing the brand color of "Moreroom Red," enhancing brand recognition and visual identity.

The collision and fusion of artistic souls are revealed in the details, exuding classic, luxurious, and noble aesthetics. As the first luxury stone museum in Foshan, it invested heavily in creating a lineup of over 200 luxury stones worth over 10 million, setting up four luxury enjoyment areas: the High-end Custom Gallery, Luxury Stone and gem Gallery, Sintered Stone Gallery, and RED HALL Art Gallery.

Not only features precious native luxury stones but also presents valuable sintered stone slabs that replicate natural textures through cloning and regeneration. It comprehensively and multi-dimensionally interprets the unique charm of stone and the extraordinary power of creation!

Notably, the Artistic Stone Area displays priceless artistic stone murals, vividly interpreting the artistic subtleties of European history, realistically portraying nature, and brimming with artistic beauty. Each visitor is encouraged to stop and savor these masterpieces.

The Artistic Area was created in collaboration with Mr. Qin Jun, Executive Vice President of the Stone Association of Yunfu City and General Manager of Yunfu Yaligao New Decorative Material Co., Ltd. By piecing together brightly colored natural stones, they depict the artistic charm and unique allure of the "Dream City on the Water"—Venice.

Each painting depicts different scenes, with bright and vivid colors, precise control of each form, and clear emphasis on primary and secondary elements. It fully showcases the romantic, mysterious, and cultural aspects unique to Venice, allowing people to better appreciate the artistic features and natural charm brought by the creation of natural stone murals.

The MOREROOM global headquarters showroom has also introduced the French Stone System, which is of astonishing value. Noble stones instantly immerse you in fantasies of stone, bursting with energy and conveying a genuine sense of high-level art, truly breathtaking!

MOREROOM using sintered stone as a carrier for fine shaping, refines the soul of stone through technical replication, ultimately restoring the natural aesthetics of stone.

Author: Shan

Department: Project Planning Department


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